pilkrōs® is a collective of right and left brained thinkers with proven abilities to identify promising business opportunities; from the practical to the disruptive; from the obvious to the unexplored. our work spans initial idea generation and market analysis through the development of actionable business plans. our consulting services include providing assistance in development of business strategies and creative ideation; new business venture development and formation consulting services; business services, namely, matching, identifying and securing private investors with entrepreneurs needing funding, and business assistance in the field of business acquisition and the development of business strategies; business consulting services in the field of emerging and start-up companies.

before the comma® is our unique naming process that works in collaboration with clients in their ideation of a new business or product. before the comma® is focused on the creation of the proper noun. the process considers the nascent idea, vision and mission and our result is a clear and concise name that embraces the business or product definition and differentiation. the process addresses all foundational business concepts at time of conceptualization, before incorporation and before any marketing or investor presentation.

the meaning of our name & mark and how we got there…

pilcrow = a paragraph mark. it is an indication of a new idea, strategy, brand or thesis

pilkrō = our phonetic version of pil·crow

pilkrōs = our plural version as there are a wide range of strategic abilities in our collective that generate nascent ideas along with transformative insights.

our mark is a graphic rendering of the proofreader paragraph symbol. versions of the mark appear in all keating brands.

contact us at rjk@pilkros.com